BootStrapped Survival
The Foundations For Your Survival Game.
the link below is to our Discord Hub for our Asset Store Creation Discord. Roadmap Priorities Networking Basic character controller Inventory system Items that can be used, dropped and picked up Hotbar Building system Optional Vehicles Plugin system Features [Currently Already Complete] Basic inventory system - all the basics [able to build a house] Weapon basics - all the necessities done. Build system - circle based build solution Networking - photon based Features in the works V0.4 Richard update - Dropped/droppable and pickup-able items (with Rigidbodies) - Fully Prepared Character controller - Animated Controller - Hotbar Changelog V0.3 Avocado update Volumetric Based Grenades added. Fixed Player Textures. Sounds Added. Expanded Demo Scene. V0.2 Zeta update Added new animations for weapon. Added new player controlled. Added kickback & bullet shell droppings Started work on demo Scenes. V0.1 Cronos update Implemented inventory base, ready for in-game items and hotbar support The build system was started, although only foundations for now (expect walls, floors, windows and all that jazz soon) Added a weapon, the M4A1 Added UI for selecting build items, and for the inventory Synced building and shooting over the network V0.0 Solutionary Created Project Directory to finish of thx to all of our developers members buildings and testers that have have been with us on this mission with us to create a asset that becomes a living foundation for games to come.