Boom Ball 3
Published a year ago
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Cheerful arcade finger pong with manic multiball mayhem!
Pick up your Boom Ball and smash all the blocks!
  • Cheerful arcade finger pong featuring:
  • Short, intense bursts of quickfire gameplay
  • Manic multiball mayhem
  • Explosive rectangular sheep
  • A huge variety of scenic levels to be discovered
  • Abso-ball-lutely ball-tastic action!
Join the fun and go ballistic with Boom Ball!
Tap to pick up a ball. Swipe to launch the ball in that direction. Keep the ball in play by hitting it. Smash blocks to reach Boom Time, then throw fireballs as fast as you can to clear the level!
  • Earn medals for awesome achievements:
  • Clear a level
  • Play faster than the gold time limit
  • Don't lose any balls
  • Clear a level on the blazingly fast Turbo Mode
Look out for these bonuses:
  • Multiball: Juggle up to 20 balls!
  • Heavy ball: Smash through all the blocks!
  • Big ball: It's huge!
  • Explosive ball: Blow stuff up!
Get tactical with different block types:
  • Regular blocks: Hit once to break.
  • Explosive blocks: They go BOOM!
  • Stone blocks: Hit twice to break.
  • Metal blocks: Unbreakable (except with an explosive ball).
  • Generator blocks: They create more blocks!
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