Bomber Belts AI
In my Artifical Intelligence for Computer Games course, this was a game that was created by 2 classmates of mine. This was one of many variations of a class assignement which was to take a flash game called "Bomber Belt" and, in groups of 2, remake the game using the Unity game engine. The game was about 2 players on each side, where they would press buttons to have the bomb on the corresponding belt move towards the opponent.
After groups made their versions of the game, each student had to individually make AI for the opponent and afterwards we would have all the students' AI's go against each other in a tournament style single round elimination.
The AI that I had built would prioritize which bomb that was the closest to hitting there side, move to the button and press the corresponding button for that belt. The AI would also hit buttons for bombs heading towards along the way as they traveled towards the button they are trying to reach.
Richard Chen
Video Game Developer - Programmer