Bomax the Cranky Alarm Clock
I was approached with a proposition to work on this app initially to fix some glaring bugs that the previous developers did not fix. After correcting the bugs, I made a massive update to the entire app. With artwork provided by a 3rd party artist, I recreated the entire UI and added 4 additional minigames to the app. Each minigame consists of optimized texturing to reduce the size of the app as much as possible while still retaining a 1 to 1 pixel ratio for iOS 4 and 5 devices. I have currently ported the entire app over to Android using Unity and writing the Android Java code as well, which will be released after we thoroughly test it. Because Android aspect ratios and pixel resolutions differ vastly from iOS, every minigame was reassessed, and the scenes broken into modular components, pieces that would retain offsets from the sides/center and pieces that would grow/shrink in size to keep the key objects in the scene visible during game play.
Chris Byers
Unity Expert / Developer - Owner
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