Bolt 2018 Retrospective
Published 2 years ago
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A year of community
2018 was an amazing year for Bolt, thanks to our wonderful community. This year we decided to make every decision with one principle in mind “How will this benefit the Bolt Community?” With you as our guide, we were able to enhance our user experience. From our revamped website to new official tutorials and features, such as Bolt Live.
How about we go over everything we have achieved with our community this year:

Revamped our Website

This was a long time coming. Our new website is a hub for everything Bolt; Features, tutorials, example projects, store page, jam entries, blog posts and madewithbolt articles!
New Website:

Improved our tutorial library

We worked closely with experienced youtubers to develop 6 high quality official tutorials. Each tutorial also comes with an example project, bringing the total to 8 example projects. Our community has been more active than ever, producing over 30 video tutorials and 3 udemy courses covering a wide variety of topics. This way you can jump into Bolt in 2019 knowing that help is out there!
Learn Page:

Amazing new Bolt workflow features

This includes “Live editing”, which allows you to develop your game in play mode. We also launched the Bolt 2.0 alpha that includes the community-favourite feature “Realtime C# Generation.”
Check out this Blog post on the alpha launch of Bolt 2.0:

We held our own Game Jams for the community

We started the bolt jam, where you build a game in one week, entirely with bolt. We held 3 of them in 2018 and over 35 jam games were made with bolt!
Jam Page:

Full transparency

We realized that we gain nothing by keeping updates and future plans from you, so we decided to fully embrace transparency with our community.
Our full design roadmap can be found here:
Our full video tutorial roadmap can be found here:
Alphas are also constantly shared with all community members:

Educational pricing model.

We launched our own store on our website which allows for an educational pricing model.

Sponsored communities and coworking spaces such as Unity User Groups, The Buffalo Game Space and The Arcade in Melbourne.

The Buffalo Game Space "@BuffGameSpace" recently hosted a game jam targeted at local high schools. We are proud to have sponsored the event with Bolt keys. Using Bolt, the kids had their code running in just a few hours without ANY prior Unity or programming experience!
The Iran User group held a multiplayer game jam where some of the users used Bolt to help them prototype.
Many studios at The Arcade have begun to explore Bolt as an option for building their games.

Big numbers!

69,000 youtube views and 450 subscribers!
Over 700 new twitter followers.
Our discord hit over 2,200 members:
Our team grew to 3 members, with 2 additional paid-interns for a while.

#Madewithbolt articles

Four #madewithbolt articles were written about our community’s amazing games. You can find them here:

See you in 2019

Bolt support is at a faster rate than ever before and you can be sure that we’re not stopping anytime soon. Our main focus for 2019 will be the long awaited Bolt 2.0. In addition to Bolt 2.0 we will continue to massively expand our tutorial library starting with a tutorial that covers Bolt and Unity’s new VFX Graph! Also, Bolt Jam 4 is already underway with a choice of 3 themes.
As usual we will keep our eyes and ears open to the community, Working our hardest to improve the way you build your games.
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