Boartax Market
Published 3 months ago
Hello, My name is DeQuindre Cummings. I may be very late on joining this contest, but i enjoy a challenge and i am excited to get going marking at the moment with only 17 days left.
Boartax Market revolves around a sci-fi fantasy world located on a Space Station where travelers, merchants, and civilians can come and meet. Within this place lies a community that allows travelers help shape the Space Station, and in this case the market place. The market is at one of the main docking stations into the Space Station. Boarrtax Market is known for a place where anything goes, such as: Mod's(Store), Merchants selling Defender Robots, Ship Sellers, Huge Bounty Wall, Exotic Animal Merchants, Jewelry Merchants, etc. ship sellers, bounty wall, exotic animal merchants, jewelry merchants. My inspiration for this project comes mainly the Disney movie Treasure Planet(2002) and an anime called Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet with some reference images from sci-fi themed artworks.

Planning/ Blocking out

My plan for today was to get a basic block out of the main area. Next i will spend time finding/creating a skybox so i can play with the lighting. Also i will start on creating some procedural ground/wall textures and modular assets and place them in my scene. I plan to update as frequent only when i have enough to show that there has been a decent change.
I would love to use assets from the unity store, but i want to push my self to create assets myself and rely on the asset store only if i really need to since i am short on time. So at the moment there are 17 Days left. I actually started designing some ideas of how this place should look on a whiteboard about 2 days ago. Once i pulled together some hero props and key locations from many different ideas i had i hopped in Unity and started creating some basic block outs. At one point just before i was about to post i got up from the computer and came back and i felt that my scene was too messy and it was not feeling like it had some sort of a story. So i sat down again for about 4 hours and came up with the pictures Below.
I am currently using Pro Builder to block out my scene. I did use Maya's human scale model as a reference and imported that into my unity project. As you can see in the seen i have a very basic block out. Some areas may have more details or feel a little empty, but i have a couple place holders written down on paper to substitute for those areas.