Board Kings
Updated 2 years ago
Available on
iOS; Android
Join your friends and family in the new and exciting free online multiplayer board game of our time!
Meet your board! Choose your idol and throw the dice!
Build the greatest city for your bunnies!

Protect Your Board!

To protect your city from strangers and other unwelcomed mischiefs you need to land on the police station! Upgrade the police station to deploy more police cars!

Build Up Your City

The more you build, the bigger the board gets and the more bunnies you will have, which allows you to climb up the leaderboard!

Win Bonus Features

Land on the bonus tile and win special features for your board! Extra coins! Extra police cars! It’s always a win to have more than your friends!

Steal From Friends

Win your friend’s coins by landing on the Steal tile! Didn’t find the richest city? No worries! You’ll win other people’s coins as well!

Visit Your Friend's Board

Hop on the train for a revenge spree where you could own buildings, destroy cities and steal coins by breaking piggy banks!

Travel Between Worlds

Unlock and choose epic themes for your board from an endless multiverse of options, and collect all special idolz from each theme!