Bluetooth Low Energy working in a background - Deskbike

Do you know what is the Deskbike? Check it out:
It's always awesome to see information on your phone from a cool device that is near to you. This time it was the Deskbike! This time everything worked correctly, our great customer (greetings to Roy!) had an application, and bluetooth connect between the app and the Deskbike. But he wanted improves! The bluetooth worked only, when the app was in a foreground. If app was in the background or the phone get locked, all data from Deskbike was lost. That's not ok when you try to reach your new record using Deskbike. Asset Store has no solution for that, there wasn't any Bluetooth product that works in a background. Nothing easier – we wrote our own Bluetooth communication that works in a background :) It works like a charm on iOS and Android. And if you have a custom Bluetooth communication, why don't you add a dedicated light database on iOS and Android side to it? Exactly, so we did! We wish nice and smooth ride to every Deskbike user :)
Do you want to read about additional features we added and details of our solution? Let us know.
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Jacek Krzykwa
Unity Certified Developer, Project Manager - Executive
Maciej Krzykwa
Certified Unity developer - Programmer