Bloodline Megawad
Published 2 years ago
In development
A Mega Map Pack for Doom 2!! (Work in progress)
Greetings! We are proud to present The Bloodline Megawad for Doom 2, developed by Daan "RubberTunes" Dejimann and Scored by Luigi "LuiDeca/WeeGee" Bonocchi.
Bloodline features standard Doom 2 gameplay with interconnected levels and LOTS of blood. The year is 2999. Monsters and demons from Hell are allowed to live an established life on Earth. Under UAC's restrictions there shall be no violence between the hellish and the living. You are soon retiring as a UAC global peacekeeper, working your last shift tonight.
As you take a sip from your coffee at the UAC Headquarters, an incoming stress call from a nearby scout hits red alert. It tells violent activity at one of the local Baron of Hell's fortresses.
You answer the call and climb aboard your aircraft to investigate the cause.
As you arrive at the designated area, a trail of blood awakes your attention...
Luigi Bonocchi
Music Creator - Producer
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