Blood Brawl
Published 9 months ago
In development
Blood Brawl is a gory fighter where players need to dominate large battle arenas by capturing towers and taking control of the camera.
Blood Brawl is a fighting game where the chosen ones fight to prove who's the best. Every character can choose between 4 powers and 10 artifacts which gives you 40 possible ways to play each character! The levels are large and require players to take control of the camera via gravity orbs. Capture towers that fire projectiles at your opponents and rewards you more points per kill.

4 Player Local Battles

Fight 1v1 or FFA and customize your Fighter to your playstyle. Prove who's the best in the arena and master your skills.

Diverse and Unique Characters

8 Fighters with their own individual moves and abilities. Each Fighter looks and fights differently.

Bloodstones and Artifacts

Choose between 4 Bloodstones that adds another 3 abilities to your character. 43 artifacts, 3 of which you pick which adds another 3 abilities to your character. 40 ways to build your character.

Large Maps & Gravity Orbs

Fight and explore on large levels by taking control of the camera via gravity orb pickups that are scattered around the levels.


Capture towers that fire projectiles at your opponents and reward you with extra kill points. Manipulate the tower projectiles by grabbing them and throwing them in any direction.

Bloody and Gore

Unique persistent blood and gore system that sticks and drips from surfaces. Paint the map red with your enemies blood.

Replay System

Watch replays of entire matches. Fast forward and pause.


Over 60 stats at the end of each matches.

Unlockable skins and artifacts

Unlock skins for your characters and artifacts by leveling up.

Hard Bots

Hard bots that don't cheat. They try to predict your actions and then use the most appropriate action. Each bot has it's own personality and play style.

Anthony Morales
Animator / Modeler / Programmer - Programmer
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