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About This GameBlockwick is a jumbled world full of colorful blocks. Connect all same-colored blocks on the board. Blue with blue, red with red, and so on. Don’t worry about the white crates though—they just get in the way.If you get stuck on a puzzle, don’t fret. Just look for the hidden moon pearl. Finding the moon pearl in a puzzle will allow you to open the next puzzle.The further you progress the more special blocks you’ll meet. Some are bolted down and are permanently stuck. Some blocks are asleep and can’t move until they’re woken up (set down a same-colored block next to it to wake it up). Entangled blocks are connected together by quantum forces—when one moves so do the others. Blocks that are entangled share the same symbol.Eventually you’ll meet even more devious blocks. Sticky blocks are gooey and will stick to other blocks. You can't pick them up directly; they can only be pushed and pulled around with other blocks and crates. Caterpillar blocks are linked to each other like a train; they can only be moved with the head or the tail. Hypno blocks don’t need to be connected to solve a puzzle, but they’ll cause a lot of pain. The hypno puts any colored block to sleep if you set one down right next to it. Finally, flip blocks have six sides. When you move them, they flip to a different side, exposing a new color.Oh, did you notice the strange glyphs on the ground? Each puzzle has three. Try to cover them all up with groups of linked blocks to master the puzzle. It’ll be more tricky, but it’s good for your brain.That’s about it. Have fun!– Kieffer Bros. d859598525 Title: Blockwick 2Genre: Casual, IndieDeveloper:Kieffer Bros.Publisher:Kieffer Bros.Release Date: 25 Jun, 2015 Blockwick 2 Free Download Game Hacked TL;DR at the bottom of the reviewBlockwick 2 is a puzzle game with simple but aesthetically pleasing visuals where you move around various blocks to try to connect blocks that are alike in color. There are various worlds/chapters/sections, with new types of blocks introduced every so often to make the puzzles more difficult to solve.I found, overall, that this is a challenging but entertaining puzzle game! I really enjoyed the concept and the new mechanics as they were introduced. The goals and instructions are straightforward, making it easy to see what you can do and how you can do it, but harder to actually get the blocks to the solution right away. This forces you to really think spatially to find the solution. I personally found that the difficulty wasn't too high. It didn't gradually increase and instead I found myself going through most of the puzzles with relative ease with one random puzzle every once in a while that would spike in difficulty, leaving me struggling to find the solution for a good long while (note that I was going for trying to illuminate each level the first time through, which means not just having all the same-color blocks touch, but also covering all the runes). It's hard to say whether that was how the game was intented to be or if there were just certain types of puzzles that I found more difficult than others. Either way, the game kept me entertained and itching to try and complete a much as I could.I completed the game 100% in about 32 hours. The ambiant music was lovely to listen to, as it wasn't obnoxious or abrasive. However, I found that I was eventually becoming tired of the repetitive music after playing for hours and hours at a time. There are options to turn off the music and sound effects, so I ended up listening to my own music past that point. Other than those two options there is only a button to change the game from windowed mode to fullscreen. These few options work just fine for this game because there isn't really anything else that needs to be messed with. The game also has the original Blockwick "Basics," which offers even more puzzles. I felt that "Basics" was much easier so I often switched and worked on some of those puzzles when I was stuck on a more difficult one in the other section.TL;DR Blockwick 2 is a challenging but enjoyable puzzle game with nice visuals and music that is definitely a great purchase for those interested in logical/spatial puzzle games! With both Blockwick "Basics" and Blockwick 2 in this game, there are 320+ puzzles!. Blockwick 2 is a fun casual puzzle game that tasks the player with connecting certain blocks together to move on to the next level. However, if the level proves too difficult a player can use a pearl found in the level to advance to the next stage. The player can visit previously skipped levels to try to finish them.While playing levels, players will notice glyphs on the board. If the player can connect those with the blocks, they will get an illumination for fully solving the puzzle. Otherwise, just connecting the blocks together only satisfies the next level requirement. There are 9 stages with increase difficulty and types of blocks that appear. Some blocks have special traits like are sticky or magnetic. Overall Blockwick 2 is a fun puzzle, with hours of enjoyment and tons of replay value. I'd recommend picking it up if you don't own it already. Especially if you like casual puzzles.. As far as near mindless yet satisfying mouse-clicking goes - this game has it on point. A great break from the mind-numbing nature of editing my paper or having a conversation with my wife. Highly recco dis goon'nes. Lastly, a shout-out to any reviewers who have more time logged into this game than me. You all the real MVPs.. Simple clever puzzles. Blockwick 2 is an excellent puzzle game which again proves that you can:a) have good games on mobileb) mobile games can translate perfectly well to the PCThe concept is simple: you need to group equi-coloured blocks together to complete a level. After completing each set of levels (16), the game introduces a new mechanic - first multiple colors, then blocks that can only move together, sticky blocks, etc. Finally, for a bigger challenge, you can seek a specific solution to each level where the position of the blocks also matters - you need to cover 3 floor symbols.The visuals of the game are spartan but tastefully done, the music is good, and the controls are well executed - drag and drop works seamlessly on the PC, and I assume the touch controls work similarly well. Where the game really shines is the level design, though - the learning curve for each mechanic is properly cared for in the first 2-3 levels, and the remaining 13-14 challenges in the set (at least in the later sets) are generally quite good, occasionally bordering the fiendish. With 144 levels initally and then an added bonus level set, Blockwick 2 provides quality brain-teasing entertainment for many hours.Highly recommended.. Very good puzzle game. Visuals are simple but nice. Puzzles are challenging but not too difficult, and you can always skip a puzzle if needed so you never really get stuck.. EARLY REVIEWAbout 40/300 Puzzles DoneA very cool relaxing puzzle game about connecting like colored blocks. Ramps up in difficulty, but never is totally (so far) insurmountable.. I highly recommend this game if you like puzzle games.-Has many many levels.-The levels are not too hard and too easy, they are just the right amount of difficulty.-Every level has two bonus challenges for those looking for added difficulty.-Many types of blocks that gets you to think differently for each new level.I can see that the developers really put their hearts into making this game, and even though I've only played 4 hours I already know it was worth the money spent.. I really like this game! I turn on some great music on my PC, and turn off all sound for Blockwick 2, and then have a nice peaceful experience. The puzzles get harder and harder, and there is more joy when each is solved! Thanks go to the Kieffer Bros, and I hope more creations are coming soon!. The game is really good, I would recommend it. It's more for puzzle professionals than beginners. What I personally do not like is that it has too many levels. I do not have all the levels through but if I'm right it should be 304 of which more than the half are really tricky.
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