Block Party (working title)
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Windows; Android
A block-based building and sandbox game.
In Block Party, you play as a miniature plastic toy, that can build with plastic blocks, host various types of gaming events with friends and explore the environment around you. Building & Sandbox Games Building will be a major focus of the game, with attention given to building controls, planting options, block colors and effects, and added incentives for sharing your builds. You'll be able to share your builds for weekly build contests, use them in your own hosted games (i.e. RPGs, DMs, TDMs, racing games), convert them to physics objects to toss around the map, destroy them using block destruction physics and the various plastic weapons available, etc. Players will also be able to set up their own unique games within the server, using various options, that other players can join. User Content Major emphasis will be placed on mods created by the community, and with providing content creators with the appropriate tools and platform for creating / sharing their content. Players will be able to add in custom made tools, weapons, blocks, player models, environments, scripts, vehicles, and more. A mod hosting service is also planned, which will allow for easily sharing, downloading and providing feedback on custom content. Multiplayer & Community Build and explore either by yourself in single-player mode, or online with others and friends. Cross-platform multi-player and content sharing might also be supported eventually. The target audience is aimed at kids to young adults; the game is meant to attract builders, content creators and casual gamers. Game Vision & Environments Various environments to choose from, such as a collection of human-sized rooms and houses, player-sized plastic toy cities, and procedurally generated worlds. The idea behind the game is to allow players the freedom and tools to create their own games within the game itself, as well as to capture the sense of wonder of being a small toy in a large, human-sized world. There will also be a story hidden and intertwined with the environment. A story is also being worked on. Our Team Currently working with one other person (artist), and looking to recruit fellow devs (especially programmers) for this project and future games.
Project Lead for Block Party - Artist
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Windows; Android