Blob Tracking with RealSense
At BlackBox Realities, we create interactive media for personal and group use. BlackBox has created interactive floor tracking experiences but this time, we wanted to be able to use our existing art assets and have the power of the Unity rendering engine. It was surprising that we didn't find any existing asset to help create a blob tracking game inside of unity. So we created on. Our solution requires the a RealSense camera, compatible with their newest unity wrapper, so that we can effectively track and segment users in poor lit environments. (We are looking into ways of supporting RGB cameras, stay tuned)

Demos and Documentation to help you get started

Along with extensive documentation and comments, we've included demo scenes to show how to make blobs interact with objects indie of Unity (2D, 3D and rigid-bodies) We are event creating a video series that walks through each of the demo scenes.
  • Simple demo
  • Can be used to refine your blob tracking and get more information about tracking blobs. After hitting play you can click on the tracked blobs to get more information about them, such as the number of tracked points and the ID of the tracked blob.
  • 2D Input Demo
  • Shows how a blob can interact with 2D UI elements that are become by a tracked blob. It also includes a demo script to match Unity's in-game camera to the RealSense device.
  • 3D Input Demo
  • Shows how to interact with 3D canvas elements or 3D objects.
  • *Limited interaction because depth is poorly perceived on a 2D monitor.
  • Physics Input Demo
  • Shows how tracked blobs can push objects off of a table.
  • *Physics interactions are approximate, and cannot be used for fine-motor skills like grabbing.

We want your feedback

This is Blackbox's first unity' Asset and we'd love to get the community's feedback. If you've purchased the asset and have a feature request or if you have questions before purchasing the asset, please leave a comment or email us.
Krystian Babilinski
Unity Developer - Programmer