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About This GameBlindOak Prow is a competitive strategy card game with unique, subtle tactics that mirror the political maneuvers of the setting. Form a party of four characters mixing and matching the six different classes however you'd like, then outwit your foes for control of the city and for your survival on a new land. Will you uphold the current order? Or will you lead the next mutiny?Features:Eighteen unique characters, for over 3000 possible team combinations.Discover over 100 cards as you perfect your team. Practice against the AI, then put your team to the test against other players!Straightforward gameplay and deceptively simple strategy makes BlindOak Prow highly accessible for new card game players, while captivating the minds of experienced players. d859598525 Title: BlindOak ProwGenre: Free to Play, Indie, StrategyDeveloper:PositionMattersPublisher:PositionMattersRelease Date: Q4 2019 BlindOak Prow Key Serial Number
Joshua Brunhaver