Blimey Jump
Published 10 months ago
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Help "Blimey" on his journey to save & rescue his Love "Lassie" from the clutches of the notorious pirate "Captain Grimjaw" while defeating his fearsome, dishonorable and destructive crew.
After returning from a long and successful treasure hunt, Blimey and Lassie look forward to a rich and peaceful life when Captain Grimjaw suddenly appears and abducts Lassie asking Blimey to give the Treasure and save her life. Before Captain Grimjaw disappears with Lassie she shouts out the secret to his fearsome power asking blimey to defeat Grimjaw.
Driven by his unending love for Lassie, Blimey sets on this adventure of Monsters, Myths, and Dragons to defeat Captain Grimjaw Once and for all.

"Blimey Jump" is a laid-back, stress buster game with easy controls and an interactive user experience. It's a story driven game filled with great visual appeal and motivated characters for an immersive and exciting gaming experience.
Patan Janibasha
Software Trainee - Programmer