Blazing Bikers
Bet and win cash and bikes to upgrade your races and work your way to become the kingpin of the raging street biker's gang with flaming speed and gear shifting mastery! This is not just any street racing this is the real deal! Race against mean street bikers. Breakout and ride to the top of the game, get your gear shifting timings perfect or be ready to lose your cash or your bike and start all over again! Pick your machines from the wide range of bikes as you gradually level up in the game and burn some rubber with the nitro to show them who is the baddest of all! Blazing Bikers is a street combat bike racing game with crazy visuals and stunning sounds to keep you enthralled into this adventurous ride! Witness some mean motor action with this newest and fastest bike racing gaming app! POWER PACKED FEATURES - * Super Exciting And Adrenaline Thumping Races * Super Challenging BLACK-LISTED Gang Crews * Bet Your Cash Or Bike Against Special Players To Get AMAZING REWARDS * Prove Your Mettle In The DAILY RACES * Variety of CLASSIC BIKES to own * Burn the wheels with SUPER NITROS * Become the Most Black-Listed racer ever
Ankit Jain
Unity Certified - Senior Game Programmer - - Programmer