BladeHaven: Dragon's Bane
BladeHaven was meant to be a gesture based fighting game done in the style of Infinity Blade mechanics for Android and IOS. The game featured a completely new origin story for Galanoth "The first dragon slayer." This is one of the core cast members in the Artix Universe. Using an eight directional swiping system and modified motion capture data from a real weapons expert, a player could control every swing with a single gesture of the finger. BladeHaven featured rich environments, story telling through a motion comic, many custom armor and weapon options for Galanoth, original epic metal soundtrack, memorable enemies (both new and re-imagined from other Artix properties), and over the top boss battles complete with interactive cinematic battle sequences. Core Duties: I was the game lead for this project as well as the lead programmer. My team consisted of no more than 5 members at any point and time during the life of the project. I held all meetings with my team, assisted with the concept direction and approval, designed all core game framework and interactive gesture based commands. I also handled several animation import clean-up that had to be done in Unity. Because my team was spread thin I also handled the cinematography in the game. I also handled all scheduling, most of the particle effects, mobile optimization, and coordination of original music score. Release Date: N/A BladeHaven was officially "shelved" in the first quarter of 2014. The demand for personnel on other projects, company changing it's official direction for mobile games, and a few staffing changes, management felt it better to cease further production of this title.
Joe Noble
Unity Engineer