Blade VR Demo
Published 3 years ago
Blade Prototyping For VR Demo
As a new Instructor at the Game Art Institute I was tasked with creating their first game programming course. I was told it was to be VR and that I had less then 3 weeks to come up with an example VR application. I knew that the first thing i wished to show was the ease that you could Prototype a game in Unity.
In the same week the Neon Blog post came out. I was excited about the idea of creating a VR version. The biggest challenge was to pack the environment with as much as possible and still maintain the high frame rates that VR demands. This challenge was accomplished with the Unity engine. I was able to get more objects in place then I expected. And was even able to add several animated characters walking around and flocks of pigeons flying about.
All of this was done in 2 weeks while also doing other duties that my job demanded. I used several assets from the asset store. This allowed for a quick turnaround on construction. I was able to quickly try new ideas as I worked.
It was coded for the Oculus and has the option to use the Grip Buttons to open a menu and choose either Ryan vision or Eddie vision. Ryan vision adds a Painterly camera effect and Eddie vision adds a Damaged Robot camera effect. Also the player is allowed to walk, run or jump.
The final touches included full spatial audio of traffic on the bridge above, the engines from the flying vessel, pigeons as they fly by, the rain sounds and lightning.
Lastly several Adam Assets were used. The guard character, the lowest resolution robot, and the environmental lighting tools were used. I was amazed at what the lighting could do and maintain a great frame rate.
Assets used from the asset store:
Bird Flock Bundle, Simple Waypoint System, Realistic Rain Storm, Battleships, MK Glow, Volumetric Light Beam, Instant Screenshot, Pipes Kit, Colorful FX, Fire Escape, Assorted Prop Pack, SciFi Industrial Level Kit, Neon Signs Asset Pack, dearVR, dearVR, Wasp Interdictor, Mesh Baker, 3D Scifi Base Vol 1, Curved UI, and VR Panorama 360 PRO Renderer.
Eddie J.L. Christian
Production Manager Game Art Institute - Educator