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BLADE RUNNER 9732 - A Virtual Tour inside Deckard's apartment
BR9732 Free Beta Release will be available very soon on Steam (I just finished to develop it).
You can follow my dev blog on BR9732.COM.
BR9732 is a hobby job done during free time, nights, weekends and vacations with zero budget. The assets creation started in 2014 when I decided to put myself virtually inside of my favorite movie scene: Deckard’s balcony in Blade Runner (1982).
As I know the software quite well, I used latest Unity 2017.2.1, Post Processing Stack and LightShafts to build and render this scene but all models are homemade (See details below). I'm super excited with the coming of OTOY for Unity by the way. Too bad it's out only now.
Here are a bunch of recent videos and screenshots:


All started with a heightmap test on the well-known wall tilling of Frank Lloyd’s Ennis House in L.A, which was used for the Blade Runner movie. Lloyd's tile design is quite specific and offers good features for obtaining a nice 3D rendering.
Here is the Unity render:
After the walls, I started to reproduce most of the furniture to get closer to the movie. I watched Blade Runner so many times, almost frame by frame, and I found a lot of items on and other furniture fan websites. It’s a job of patience with a lot of research to spot every single object but it was a real opportunity for me to explore new software, improve my modeling skills and be able to create a mythic virtual place in the meantime.
I remember I was looking for a buffet for months. I had no clue but the top of this unknown furniture appeared in the livingroom. Finally a member from Propsummit found the real object for sale on the web and I was able to reproduce it accurately with the photos.


For the mod itself, I work with 3ds Max. It really depends the needs of the project, but I have a preference for Max, certainly because I’m using it since Windows 95.
Substance Painter was the perfect software for what I was trying to achieve. Early stages of the scene were done in Unity 4 with no physically based shading. Porting all the assets to PBR with Substance quickly generates additional work but the rendering is much better, no doubt about that. Substance Painter is definitively a must-have tool for 3D artists. Creating PBS materials is a very motivating job and the coming of Unity 5 with Enlighten technology and Substance Painter was decisive in boosting my passion for producing realistic real-time 3D experiences.
Dangerous Days, surely the best making-of documentary on Blade Runner, was also a huge source of information. Director Charles de Lauzirika has done a magnificent work here. It brings so many details about Blade Runner that the regular fan doesn’t even know.


At this stage, the experience offers a simple virtual tour inside Deckard's apartment.
You can walk around, look at details, pick some objects, play the piano, take a shower, start the Esper machine and enjoy the rain falling on the balcony.
The interactions are quite simple for now because I focused on exact replica modeling of the whole place to get the best immersion. I really wanted to push attention to details and reproduce the lighting and sound atmosphere of this mythic movie.
Later, you will also find Rachael wandering through the apartment and looking at you when you pass by. She's a temporary modeled character. Indeed, the body is quite good but I asked a friend for help to improve Rachael's face realism. I surely would like to end with something much more realistic. She's already in place but will not be there for beta release.
I plan to add small achievements for the final release (find origami, find police card, find Nexus 6 picture and start Esper with it...).


Thanks for reading and supporting my project, Quentin Lengele Creative Software Engineer

Quentin Lengele
Creative Software Engineer - Owner
Quentin Lengele
a year ago
Creative Software Engineer - Owner
Blair RenaudBeautiful work Quentin.
Thank you mate ;)
Blair Renaud
a year ago
CEO/ Director - Designer
Beautiful work Quentin.
Level Designer - Designer
Denis MikhalevOutside of the context of the Neon Challenge this project is definitely mindblowing
I second that on both points
Quentin Lengele
a year ago
Creative Software Engineer - Owner
Gerry KissellQuentin, Hi. I'm Gerry founder of, the Blade Runner Fan Club, and I just wanted to let you know how much all of us at BladeZone love your work. I hope we get to see more.
Hi Gerry, Thank you very much. Stay tuned on, I should release something between Xmas and New Year.
Gerry Kissell
a year ago
Quentin, Hi. I'm Gerry founder of, the Blade Runner Fan Club, and I just wanted to let you know how much all of us at BladeZone love your work. I hope we get to see more.