Blade Runner 2049 inspired city (Completed)
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Post Apocalyptic Future

Entry #7: Final tweaks and video editing

I tidied up a couple of bits of the timeline today and imported the videos into Cyberlink Powerdirector.
For the longest time, I couldn't figure out why the imported videos were so choppy. I discovered finally after a couple of hours that it was the video capture tool that comes with Powerdirector, which is horribly unoptimized.
Fortunately, I still have a licence for FRAPS, and used that to capture the video. FRAPS worked like a dream, and all the horrid stutters from the Cyberlink video capture tool were removed!
Anyway, here is the final version of the video:

Entry #6: Completing the remainder of the short movie

I added in the remaining parts of the clip and added a final scene using Map Magic to do a flyover.
Here is the almost-finished draft:

Entry #5: Bummer, I had to remove all Adam Assets

A helpful commenter pointed out that I'm not allowed to use Adam Assets, so I'll have to drop them from the project.
All good though, I just need to swap out the environmental assets with another generic wasteland one!

Entry #4: Path Feature

I learned today how to use the Cinemachine Path feature, which essentially allows any of the virtual cameras (VC) to move along a predefined track.

There were a couple of small steps to get it working:
  1. I had to create a new cam and track, Cinemachine -> Create Dolly Cam with Track
  2. I added this to the timeline under an ANIMATION TRACK (Note that the track was referenced automatically in the VC)
  3. Next I had to hit the record button next to the animation track (And added an Animator Component to the VC)
  4. At the start of the time line, clicked on the VC and right clicked on the Edit Position field to Add Key
  1. Next I moved the timeline until the end of the track
  2. I then dragged the Path Position field, until it was at 1 (Max range) and added another key frame.
  3. I hit record to deactivate it, and bam it was done!
  4. From there I could immediately drag the time line previewer and it would show the VC moving along the path!

Entry #3: Adding a Parent EGO to enable moving animated GOs

I learned today that once a character has been added to the Timeline under an Animation track that you can't change it's position any more. :(
I've been trying to move the Adam character around but it would be reset every time I previewed the clip.
As you can see the blue highlighted properties would ALL reset.
Fortunately I found a really helpful post on the forums which advised me to put the Adam character under an Empty Game Object (EGO) as a child object.
As soon as I did that, the Adam character would reset to the origin on the EGO immediately, and I could move the EGO to anywhere I liked.

Entry #2: Creating Post Proc Stack Volumes

I checked out the excellent tutorials on Cinemachine and Timeline today on the main competition page.
Unfortunately it wasn't until further in the tutorial that I discovered I needed the most up to date beta versions of both assets to do things like apply Post Proc Effect Volumes. Applying these assets over the top of my existing project pretty much broke it beyond repair! :(
Oh well, time to start again. I started a brand new project and reimported both beta versions - this time they worked perfectly!
The main thing in the final tutorial taught us how to create post proc volumes (i.e. trigger cubes) where virtual cameras would have post proc effects added on top of the default ones.
To do this, I had to:
  1. Create a post proc volume: Game Object -> 3D -> Post Proc Effect Volume
  2. Drag this into the path of one of my Virtual Cameras
  3. Create a new post proc profile for the volume
I also had to redo my default profile:
  1. Create a default (global) post proc profile that would replicate the Orange "Blade Runner" effect I had created in my previous project.
  2. On my Main Cam, I had to add a Post Proc Effect Volume Component (like in the trigger cube) and reference the Default Profile.
  3. The critical thing pointed out in the tutorial was that I had to tick the [Is Global] check box to apply it as a default effect.
I also noticed that the sub items under the post proc effect profile were all greyed out by default. I had to tick each of the aspects to enable them, which confused me a bit:

Entry #1: Intro to the Post Proc Stack, Atmo Scattering, and Cinemachine

I really loved the cinematography of Blade Runner 2049's Las Vegas Ruins scene, so I decided to use that as an inspiration for the Neon Challenge.
I started a bit late (today - Dec 4) after hemming and hawing about it before Christmas since I'm not formally an artist. However, I had a blast over the holidays learning Blender and attempting to create 3D models based on my favorite dark-surrealist artist Zdzislaw Bekinski and decided to give it a shot.
One cool thing I picked up from importing the model into Unity was that I could drastically improve the scene using the Unity Post Processing Stack.
The more I played with it, the more amazed I was at its versatility and the ability to create a strong atmosphere.
So today, I started playing with the Adam demo scene, and trying to re-create that iconic orange hue you see in the Blade Runner Vegas scene where Agent K is looking for Deckard in the ruins.
The color grading section was probably the most useful part that I used. I cranked up the red channel and the temperature until I got as close to the shots I googled up from the movie.
The Vignetting setting was also super useful as I noticed with the movie, there was always a slightly darker gradient at the bottom of the screen. I moved the center of the vignette to 0.7 in the y-axis.
Another amazing free asset that came with the Adam demo was the Atmospheric Scattering script, which gives a wonderful gradual fading of objects into the distance just like in real life. I mostly used the default settings from the demo, but turned up the world Mie density settings (to about 350 or so) to get that foggy effect.
With the early tests, I was amazed at the power of these free assets that Unity provide.

Here are the results of my experimentation:
I'll start thinking about a basic story board tomorrow. There's not a ton of time to do everything, but I'm having a blast so far!


  • Unity Post Processing Stack!/content/83912
  • The Blacksmith Atmospheric Scattering!/content/39939
  • Sonic Ether Bloom!/content/17324
  • Civilian Male (Dexsoft)!/content/4276
  • HQ Apocalypse Environment!/content/37462
  • Desert!/content/62770
  • Moon Environment!/content/40424
  • Wild Life - Random Beasts!/content/13806
  • Free SF Fighter!/content/11711
  • Neatwolf Particle FX01!/content/20308
  • Imphrenza Universal SFX!/content/17256
  • Dark Future!/content/3777
  • Map Magic!/content/56762
  • Elements of Terror -!/content/2952
Joe Chang
Developer - Programmer
Farrukh Abdur
2 years ago
3d Artist / Game Designer
Looking very good. Your color work is great. Maybe you can make the scene a little more smooth shot in the start and is it more like a slow motion style shot? Also try giving a glow backpack or maybe a glowing fly just to spice up a little. Maybe dust blowing. Good luck and complete it now :)
Joe Chang
3 years ago
Oh is that in the rules? Thanks for the heads-up. Bummer about the Adam stuff, but it's cool I can replace that with some other wasteland assets. :)
Kevin Faure
3 years ago
Graphics & Gameplay Programmer
Nice atmosphere like BR ! But you can't use Adam's assets for this contest :/ I also used Adam, add new animations and I lost huge time
Joe Chang
3 years ago
Thanks @Farrukh Abdur - I've been a fan since the original :)
Farrukh Abdur
3 years ago
3d Artist / Game Designer
You got the blade runner theme fit in really nicely :) Looking forward to see more on this.