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Hope in reality is the worst of all evils, because it prolongs the torments of man.
Along the subarctic Serrated Coast lies Blackwater, a burgeoning trading outpost founded by Allied Trading Company. In the darkest corners of the Confederation, people trade rumours of the infamous outpost. It is said you can gather enough wealth for ten lifetimes in Blackwater, no matter how chequered your past. In fact, Blackwater suits cunning and hardened men and women best—it is treacherous enough making your way to the Serrated Coast, let alone building a flourishing venture along its shores. The outpost attracts villains, outcasts, deviants, and fugitives excreted by the Confederation. It is an uncompromising cesspool, but if you are enterprising enough—and lucky enough—the ATC will reward you for your efforts.
Fugitives hunted by criminal kingpin, siblings Silas and Maida Foss spot an ATC poster promoting Blackwater on the wall of a gambling den. They scrape together the little money have and board the first merchant vessel sailing towards the Serrated Coast.
Drunk on cheap bottles of brandy, Silas and Maida toast each other's future fortune. Together they will make their mark on Blackwater and bleed the Allied Trading Company dry. How difficult can it be to hunt whales and seals? One of the boys on board overhears their conversation and offers a warning: there is a growing presence north of the Serrated Coast. The local natives, the Haiga, are behaving strangely, saying a god of theirs has risen and is corrupting the Polar Circle. Unwilling to let the boy diminish her newfound excitement, Maida breaks her empty bottle of brandy over the boy's head. Silas roars with laughter as the boy crawls away muttering "Jonah."
That night the ship is beset by a violent storm. The crew attempts to battle the waves, but the damage has been done. The fore-mast had been splintered and four crew were killed—three drowned in the black waves and one crushed by a rolling barrel. The ship cannot make it to Blackwater. They will have to dock at a nearby fishing village.
Exhausted from their voyage, the siblings continue northwest towards Blackwater, ushered along by the twisted hand of fate.
You follow the paths of Silas and Maida Foss, an aggressive and enterprising sibling team that attempt to build their wealth and reputation in Blackwater under the oppressive influence of two rivaling trade companies, the Allied Trading Company and the ruthless Pyr Traffikers. These conflicting agendas mean little under the growing threat from the north—a corruption that, if left unchecked, would consume them all. BLACKWATER is a top-down action RPG that combines the punishing party management of Darkest Dungeon with an active battle system similar to Bastion.
• A unique battle system allows players to control up to four adventurers in active combat.
• Your choices determine how Blackwater grows from backwater fishing village into a lawless cesspool.
• Every choice and mission has consequences that affect the story – no fetch quests.
• Battle more than just fearsome creatures – you will be crippled by injury and incapacitated by disease. And when your crew members die, they stay dead.
• Shipwright, Bookie, and Constable are just three of the many unique job classes you can add to your party.
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