Blackstar: Rise of the Dark Era
Blackstar: Rise of a Dark Era is a Sci-Fi RPG set in the year 2426 CE. Humanity has expanded their reach to the void, holding several dozen colonies among the stars. But they are not alone... Nearly a dozen other races, dozens of colonies, and terrorist cells wanting to cause chaos are all trials that the United Terran Republic has to face on a (solar) daily basis.
You start the game as a new arrival on a prison planet for crimes you left far in your past. Whether you redeem yourself and save the Republic, or embrace the darkness and usher in an era of chaos, is up to you. Gain the loyalty of a ragtag crew of nine, each with their own ambitions and allegiances, explore the fringes of known space, fight pirates and monsters, and steer the course of humanity's history among the stars... Features: Fully customisable player character and player ship Branching storyline Compelling characters Over a dozen planets to explore Hundreds of quests to complete that blur the lines between side quests and main quests Hybrid turn-based combat Inspiration for the game lies in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and the Mass Effect series. The game is being built with modding in mind - paths to a lot of important settings, paths, and information is stored in XSS files - XML Settings files that can be easily edited by users. Dialogue (XDL) and Events (XEV) are also stored in XML files.
Schalk van der Merwe
Legionary Game Studios - Programmer