BlackSoul: Extended Edition Download Kickass Rar
Published 2 years ago

BlackSoul: Extended Edition Download Kickass Rar -

About This GamePlunge into the atmosphere of old school horror games in our "BlackSoul: Extended Edition", which plot unfolds in England in 1972. You will play in turns for two characters- a brother and a sister, caught inside the quarantine area, filled up with humans, turned into the mindless aggressive zombies by the virus. Do not expect an easy walk-you would face a hard way of survival where you must solve numerous puzzles and kill many enemies. At the end you must discover a reason of all happenings – however it is far less common than it seems at the first sight. Things are much worse. Game features:a perfect horror atmosphere maintains a gamer under constant pressuretwo game characterscomplicated game puzzles on your waysophisticated game storyawesome music enhances an effect of feara bunch of zombies all across the game d859598525 Title: BlackSoul: Extended EditionGenre: Action, Adventure, IndieDeveloper:XeniosVisionPublisher:Droid RiotRelease Date: 26 Feb, 2014 BlackSoul: Extended Edition Download Kickass Rar Absolutely atrocious, and that's before you can even manage to make it work even remotely.. its a survival horror. Very much an Alone in the dark or Resident evil knockoff. And in all honesty it's not great. Visuals are average, with this weird monochrome for outdoors and a vignette effect for indoors. And the less said about the zombies the better. Biggest problem is the camera views. You have cinematic which is fixed camera angles like the original RE games. Then you have follow cam. This is an over the shoulder view like the modern RE games. Problem is the camera is fixed in such a way your character is off to the left of the screen and far too close. With no way to move the camera back, or at least over the other shoulder this makes the FOV feel really restricted.Combat is not much better sadly. I found just spamming the crowbar as fast as I could to be the most viable strategy as anything else just lead to getting hit. In fact the crowbar seems to be better than the gun...At least the puzzle elements are somewhat decent, however again some odd choices as some allow you to auto solve them, and some don't. Then there are some performance oddities. Despite having selected 60FPS in the launcher, I still got screen tearing. And now and again I would get some FPS drops. At least it's made by a genuine indie Dev, and not the usual unity asset flip zombie knockoff. So while not the worst survival horror on steam, there are many far better games. Would grab this on sale only.
Dale Quade