Blacksmith Hammer Texturing And Rendering
Available in Cubebrush : or Gumroad :
In this tutorial you will learn how to texture a Hammer in Substance Painter. And render the Hammer in Marmoset Toolbag.
Here are the details that you will learn in this tutorial :
a. Exporting your low poly and high poly model from Maya
b. Starting a new scene with the low poly in Substance Painter
c. Baking maps in Substance Painter with optimised settings
d. High Res(4K) texturing in Substance Painter(PBR metallic Roughness Workflow)
e. Creating Custom Texture Export output in Substance Painter
f. Exporting texture maps
g. Importing your low poly Model and Textures in Marmoset Toolbag
h. Tweaking Render, Camera and Sky settings in Marmoset Toolbag
i. Matching Marmoset Toolbag Renders with Substance Painter
j. Exporting Marmoset Viewer File
k. Exporting Renders to Photoshop

And as i have used a Keyboard and mouse keypress capture software, you can see all the keypress and mouse clicks.

File List - High Quality 1080p video in .mp4 format.
Hammer low poly and high high poly models in .FBX, archived as .zip.
Amit Kolay
Freelance 3D Character Artist - Artist