Black Hollow
Updated 2 years ago
In development
After an ice meteor hit earth it became completely flooded. The last remaining humans are trying to survive under water and you're playing a survivor in a small sub exploring the sunken cities and searching for more of your kind.

Benchmark v2 for the game ( 2.2GB ) at

Would love some feedback about the avg framerates you guys get! Especially interested in AMD GPU performance and also older nvidia GPUs. My GTX 970 gets around 50 fps.
Main gameplay elements so far are:
  • Exploring, searching huge sunken areas for artifacts, devices, oil, batteries, datapads and crafting materials from before the flood.
  • Derusting otherwise unusable items
  • Branching, choice driven dialogues with other survivors
  • Crafting new equipment
  • Hunting animals for food
  • Moving rocks with your sub to free cave/house entrances
  • Grid based map mode where you find new resources and locations
Markus Henkel
Black Hollow - Owner
Game Languages
English; German
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