Black Earth
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My second ever university project (and first as part of a team!) aiming to bend the stereotype of a typical zombie shooter game.
Black Earth is a third-person zombie shooter game created during my first year of university. The ambition behind the game was to take the standard zombie shooter game and create a style of game which was unique within itself. The goal for the game is to survive as long as you can.
Once you start a wave, you will have to kill off all the zombies that spawn before being able to proceed. Waves start at the dead of night and every zombie kill leads to a small amount of sunrise, up until the final kill of the wave.

Summary of Responsibilities

I was elected as the leader for this project.
My primary contribution was with the game scripts and general UI element coding. Other group members designed the 3D models and UI icons, and my task was to implement their contributions into the game.
I worked closely with one group member on programming various features for the game. The most notable features are the end-of-wave report screen, inventory system, weapon system, and creating a 3D stereo sound system which would play audio directionally.
I was also responsible for working on the web back end to store the leaderboards. This was originally created in PHP and later in NodeJS.


  • Store Mechanic
  • End-of-wave Reports
  • Survivor AI (shooting, fleeing)
  • Survivor Roles (attacker, farmer, healer, scavenger)
  • 3 Additional Modes
  • Leaderboards
  • Unique Weapons (durability, sound effects, penetration/damage values)
  • Inventory System
  • 3D Stereo Sound System

University Feedback

The grade for this assessment was 91 / 100.
Good story idea! This is awesome! Well done on the website and on the trailer Nice use of systems design and tuning. Great menu systems but the font choice and size needs work. Good sounds and sound diversity in the game. It's nice to see multiple weapons systems being explored in the game design processes this early on in your university progress. Nicely done! Cool timing and tuning throughout the game. HUD coming along but it's just lacking visual communication. The icons and fonts are communicating to the player with effectiveness.
The font is disruptive to the mood of the game. Good solve for seeing in buildings by ghosting them when the player is inside them. Clarify how people get money - that system is a bit vague and unclear. Great multiple modes and stories! I like the character assignments. Maybe consider doing more here? Too many guns! Managing this many weapons gets difficult and increases player cognitive load to soon. Main character walking animations would have improved this project significantly. High score screen good. The environmental assets need refinement to match the characters in game. Great use of time management as a team. The visual blockyness of the design is really charming and compelling. The building design in particular is well executed. Maybe show them more?
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