BirdyGaze VR
Birdy / Gaze is a VR game Let you be with beautiful birds And explore the world like a bird From a feather, you can reach out to a bird Beautiful creatures of various types Gazing at your bird peers, for a relaxing moment As the affinity grows, they will share memories with you You can then explore the stories from the keywords unlocked Experience their life episodes by yourself as if a bird Experience as if a bird Fly in the sky, Sing their songs, Dance in their steps Fly high and land safe Catch food in the sea Build nest and guard the territory Join migration journey across the continent Learning all the bird skills with your VR headset and controller As your skill builds join location-based or time-limited special events open random channel to meet birds at trees, seasides Have casual tweets with some new friends during this multi-play gathering you can switch to various birds for different view The special events will reward you trace of new birds Collect more feathers and explore more With mobile VR device, players can gaze for a pleasant break or witness multiplay events anytime anywhere While desktop VR users can have more immersive experience learning and exploring stories It’s a system designed for both. With Birdy/Gaze enjoy an epic journey in bird's-eye view
Amber Elizabeth Wu