Birds - Interactive Media Installation
The goal of this project was to create an artistic and engaging media installation. We built a wooden frame for the installation and added a screen to it. This screen offers a view into a computer graphic world: It displays a bright and colorful polygon landscape with mountains, trees, a river and a rope in front of the scenery. Usually, polygon birds fly in a flocking behavior in the background, implemented with rules as described by Craig Reynolds. However, the birds are attracted by the rope placed in front of the scenery. Therefore, they like to land on it and enjoy the view into our real world. As the birds are programmed as autonomous agents, nobody does exactly know what they will do next. Occasionally, they even wave to the users or scratch their heads. For the interaction between the users and the birds, we added a camera with a microphone and a crank to our installation. The wide-angle camera captures the user's movements and the microphone the current noise level so that the birds are scared if the users are too loud or move too fast. This way, the users have to be careful when approaching the adorable birds. Furthermore, users can spin the crank to stretch or release the rope the birds are sitting on. This project was presented at an open day at our university and will be hung up in the university building.
Roman Wiche
Software Engineer - Programmer