Birdie Crush
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Available on
Android; iOS
A casual golf simulator game released by Com2uS corporation. Contributed as a Unity gameplay programmer in the Unity programmers team(About 15% contribution to one out of six Unity engineers).
- Participated in developing mobile 3D casual golf game “Birdie Crush”
- Practiced menu and pop-up UI components using uGUI and render texture functions
- Developed game mode contents such as “Course Practice Field “, “2 vs 2 Switch Match”, and various network programming like chat feature
- Developed a flat shadow feature for standing 3D models using ShaderLab
- Currently shipped the retail product on Indonesian game market (Android Google Play / iOS App Store)
◈ Languages used: C#, ShaderLab

Backsun Sim
Gameplay Programmer - Programmer
Game Languages
English; Indonesian
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS