Bird Game Download Without Key
Published 3 months ago

Bird Game Download Without Key --

About This GameA short game about flying around without bumping into things.You control a bird and must navigate around various obstacles.Key FeaturesExplore 3 well thought-out levels, each with a unique boss fightBlack-and-white ink-drawing visual styleReplay the game in hard mode after your first completion for a true challengeEat fish b4d347fde0 Title: Bird GameGenre: Action, Adventure, IndieDeveloper:Bryan TaborPublisher:Bryan TaborRelease Date: 22 Feb, 2018 Bird Game Download Without Key God never had I want to shove a wii remote up my butt but also it's so much fun and fufilling when you win. Beautiful artistic vision with challenging gameplay, a beautiful soundtrack, and unique artwork. Clearly a work of someone who cares about what they are producing, and the result has been an overwhelming success.. Really challenging and fun, definitely worth the $3.. The frog boss is our lord and savior. THIS GAME ♥♥♥♥IN META I LUV IT KAPA PRIDE. It's a simple by design, but very hard game. So if you want to just get a game for 1 evening to "just relax" this is not game for you.But if you want some hardcore flying simulation with 2 bosses, each of whom has 30+ different attacks (no joke) and who by the end kill you with 1 hit, if you want that kind of old-school gameplay - this is game for you.Pros:1. Game is very challenging, and bosses are great. Levels are nicely designed too.2. Music is fitting.3. Graphics are also neat, you can choose between normal view and negative (my choice btw).Cons:1. Very steep learning curve. 3rd boss will be hard as hell at first. And hard difficulty gives you 1 life for a whole boss.2. I personally play with k/b&m, and I can't use mouse to control the bird. And using only k/b for that type of game is kinda hard. If you have a controller, you can probably ignore that point.3. There are couple of glitches, like when you press pause you can sometimes basically kill yourself (indirectly). But checkpoints are close to each other, so it's not that big of a deal.So yeah. If the end, game is just hard, but not bad at all. I give it 7 fish out of 10. Not great, but above average. Mostly, because of bosses.. Don't let this beautiful art distract you, this is an "unnecessary" hard game, i mean first, when you design a game witch involved maneuver in order to avoid ennemy, you don't put a white ground, the player needs reference to estimate distances.So at every turn you just wish you will not collide...I didn't go through the first level. There is really too much stuff to evade for the first boss...I don't know for what age range this game is made, but i don't know if a kid would enjoy.The first boss music was cool.. this game is so good but beware of the bee and the dragonfly they go at ♥♥♥♥ing mach 10 by the way i have converted to satanism after playing this
Antonio Mich