Bird Game
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Linux; Mac; Windows
Bird Game is a short, zen-like fly 'em up where you navigate a bird through a black-and-white line drawing landscape.
In Bird Game, you are a bird flying through a zen-like painted landscape while evading all kinds of enemies and obstacles. I've created the music and sound effects for the game, and implemented most of them through wwise. The developer and I decided that a classical inspired score would fit nicely with the relaxing visuals, while also contrasting with the difficulty of the game. I tried to find all different kinds of ways to make the music adaptive. Through wwise, I can hook up different in-game parameters to music parameters like stereo-panning, low and high pass filters and volume. I also used Wwise's HDR system to create a more clear audio landscape. When you are flying through a peaceful part of the game, you can clearly hear the calming sound of the water below you, and other birds in the distance. But when enemies show up, those sounds fade away in favor of what's important in that moment. Take a look at the trailer and listen to the music on soundcloud, and feel free to look it up on steam ;)
Harm-Jan Wiechers
Audio designer / music producer - Artist
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Linux; Mac; Windows