Bingo Dingo
In this game you will help a cute red dragon to take back his bottle from a big scarry rabbit. A journey through misty jungle with lot's of fun waiting for you.

- Optimized for android devices.
- With two charming world's and 26 challenging level's.
- Great for all ages.
- Tap on screen to control how high dragon can jump.
- Unpredictable mechanic's.
- You need energy to run, so you should collect fruit's.
- Collect more fruit and "Shiny Diamond" to unlock next world's.
- Be careful. More fruit's make your diapers bigger and bigger until it explodes. To avoid this get the "Magic Diapers".
- There is amazing rabbit's with unbelievable abilities to stop you.
- Enjoy endless challenge's.
Mojtaba Pirveisi
Programmer at KingKode - Programmer