Bijoy Itihash
Use this app to scan Bangladeshi notes to know the 7 glorious pillars in the history of Bangladesh.

How to use the app:
Step 1 - Open the “Bijoy Itihash” App in your mobile
Step 2 - Select the year you want to watch from your menu
Step 3 - The app will open your camera for scanning
Step 4 - Scan the note mentioned in the instruction and watch our glorious past

Scan the following Bangladeshi currency notes to watch the glorious history
2 taka- Language Movement in 1952
5 taka- United front election in 1954
10 taka- Martial law imposition in 1958
20 taka- Education movement in 1962
50 taka- 6 Point movement in 1966
100 taka- Mass upsurge in 1969
500 taka- Liberation war in 1971

Only applicable for the Bangladeshi taka notes containing the “National Memorial” which was issued after 2012
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