Big Semi Lorry Parking School
Published a year ago
Available on
Android; iOS
Are you ready to take on the Greenhorn challenge 2015/2016? Slide into the cab, hit the roads and experience the mania of each driving lesson facing your intrepid american trucker at Big Semi Lorry Parking School!

Big Semi Lorry Parking School has everything a car parking simulator needs to have!
> 5 detailed heavy duty trucks to choose from based on semi trucks and super trucks from Europe and USA.
> 3 challenging difficulties: from noob to expert trucker
> 48 engrossing large levels which will test you
> Easy to play but tough to master. Skills most definitely required!
> Real world physics.
> Precision touch operated vehicle controls to pass each lesson including steering wheel, accelerate, reverse and brake pedals allowing for smooth turning on the spot and parallel parking
> Addictive gameplay.
> Realistic 3D graphics.
> Social network integration.
> Star rating system for lorry drivers with skills who are able to pass each driving test
> Great music and sounds.
> Intuitive gameplay, simple user interface
Developer/Animator/Rigger - Programmer
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS