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"Enjoy party with everyone" in the Big Party World!


"Big Party World" is aimed at a world where people from all over the world can enjoy party play. A variety of simple mini-games are being prepared for party play Using the "Photon" cloud server, you can create rooms between players to prepare and play a "mini game party."
The platform of the game was developed to play on mobile devices. The reason for using mobile devices is that the goal of the game is to party with everyone.

The orientation of a project

It is not the first time that Unity has made a game with him. We used Unity, a high-level engine, to make various kinds of games, and he wanted to be evaluated through the Unity Student Challenge and talk to various game developers around the world.

A variety of mini-games were produced alone. After that, I became interested in party games that I enjoyed with various people such as Mario Party and Party Panic and aimed to make party games through the project. Think about it. Playing games with friends and family will always be a fun and happy experience. So I found a programmer interested in party games and mobile servers and started this project.
We hope to have abundant experience in game development such as contests and releases, and to grow further through diverse and good game feedback.


While making the game, this will be the first competition. I hope various people will give a lot of feedback about my game. :)
The mini-game of "Big Party World" has completed five games during its development period. Additional 10 games will be added and released for non-commercial purposes in Google Store and App Store.
[# We want you to download free of charge from the app store and Google Store if you want to play.] :)
(However, the download will be available after March.)
Back on the subject, "Big Party World" is a party game. The mini-games that we have developed are aimed at scoring higher than other players. (It also plans to add a mini-game that works with other players in an additional mini-game.) :)
You will face a variety of situations. Because of the unpredictable play of various players. In such situations, you must meet the goals of each mini game in various ways. The purpose and development of each detailed game will be further explained below.

Tools and Assets

We used a variety of tools. Naturally, the Unity Engine was used, and some parts that could not be purchased from the Esset Store were manufactured using a 3D Max. The Git Hub was also used to continuously share information among the team members and to carry out the project.
The assets we used include "3D User Interface Elements", "FriendlyCleanUI", "Funny Shock Game Sound Part 3 (Sport)," "SimplePoly World & Vehicles," and "Little Heroes Mega Pack." Once again, thank you for the Unity Asset Store. :)


We first shared the role of the team members.
We prepared for development in each role. Designers design concepts and detailed rules for various mini-games and deliver them to programmers. It also served as an animation, level design, and production of additional graphic resources for the game.
In order to implement the designed game, the programmer has implemented games such as the Photon Cloud Server Interworking and Program Coding.
First, we identified the assets needed for the game. Then they revised the parts to be modified. (Movements, modeling, items, etc.) We spent a considerable amount of time on this part. It was not a resource we created, but a very difficult part to understand and modify.
Next, the functions of each character were designed and implemented accordingly. As a work to create various levels, each function was started to be implemented by designing and applying the functions required by each mini-game.
This was an excellent choice. It was a way to shorten the time needed to produce more diverse and different mini-games and create more ideas. In this way, we have completed five mini-games in less than a month and plan to add more.

Detailed Mini Game Description

Big FootBoard Game

The first game in "Big Party World," "Big Footboard Game," is a game that takes up more footholds. The goal is to increase the score by activating the scaffold with his color and to gain the highest score by attacking other characters.

By giving items that increase the size of the character every time, you can increase the scope of stepping on the footboard and can easily and continuously interfere with the players. You can use items in a strategic way.

Big Battle Game

The second game of "Big Party World," the "Big Battle Game," is a mini-Battle game. The goal of the game is to attack the players and finally stay alive and get the highest score.

"Big Battle Games" also give you an item that strengthens the character in the middle of the play. This item allows you to attack players in more strategic and diverse ways.

Big Crush Game

The Big Crush Game, the third game of Big Party World, is a game of holding a hammer and breaking a box fast. Players who beat both buttons in a row to break the Pops and compete with other players to destroy more boxes will win.

Destroying a red box in the Big Crush game increases the size of the weapon over a period of time, allowing more boxes to be destroyed more quickly.

Big Shooting Game

The Big Shooting Game, the fourth game of Big Party World, is a game that scores points by shooting monsters from buildings. Each monster has a different score. The goal is also to strategically shift the goal and score higher than other players.

Big Runner Game

The Big Runner game, the fifth game of Big Party World, aims to get to the top quickly by avoiding a number of obstacles. Each barrier is properly positioned to give the player a sense of tension, and through a number of obstacles, it brings the player to a challenge consciousness.

I hope this blog helps you.
Also, I hope you can tell me what you think is missing or what you think it would be good to fix
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