Beyond The Veil
Published 2 years ago
In development
A hybrid narrative game about life and death
Beyond the Veil is a dark hybrid game, dealing with the themes of mortality, hope, and death. Follow the Wanderer as he explores an ancient world to raise the gods of old from their slumber, and in doing so, recover what was taken from him.
Survive in the hellish wasteland of a forsaken world by using all that remains of the civilisation that once stood here. Eat, hunt, kill, do what you must to stay alive, or succumb to the wastes.
Developed by myself over the course of a year, Beyond the Veil has been a monumental challenge for me. Both the design and the writing have gone through many iterations to reach what you see now. Soon to be released on PC through Steam.
Sam West
Solo Developer - Designer
Game Languages
English, British
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