Beyond The Destiny Download For Mobile
Published 3 months ago

Beyond The Destiny Download For Mobile

About This GameDisclaimerBEYOND THE DESTINY is the Early Access Alpha now.The game is not complete and may not work properly, but it will receive important updates. We work hard on new features and functionality, add content and make improvements.So you should only buy an Early Access game if you are excited about playing it in its current state.A team of indie-developers are excited to present a new sci-fi MMO shooter game on the Unity 3D engine. Beyond the Destiny is a new science fiction multiplayer online game with an open game universe, which combines the genres of classic role-playing games, real-time strategy and third-person shooter.BTD’s story begins in 2117, when fragments of an unknown asteroid fell to Earth. By studying the trajectory of its flight, scientists were able to determine that the asteroid came from the Canis Major constellation.A special rare earth mineral called "luxirite", which is not found in our solar system,was discovered in the fallen fragments. Scientific research of the in credibly rare mineral provided mankind with an incredibly powerful source of energy. Thanks to this discovery, the scientific and technological progress of our civilization took a giant leap forward.The Sirius Scientific Research Complex was opened with the aim of studying luxirite and understanding how to produce more of it, made significant progress in there search of quantum mechanics, robotics, space technology and energy. A particularly significant breakthrough was the creation of the world's first prototype equantum teleportation device, or a space inversion device.But over time, the world’s valuable mineral reserves were depleted. People, driven by the desire to obtain a permanent source of luxurite, and open up opportunities to explore remote areas of space, started a project calledthe Colony. The project’s main objective was to find a suitable planet for colonization where it would be possible to establish the industrial production of luxurite. BTD’s story begins on Earth, when a player find himself in the secret Sirius Research Complex as a candidate in a team of colonists who are preparing fora space jump to one of the remote planets which can support human life. In 2154 a suitable planet was discovered. It was a planet called Sirina, second along from Sirius A, where the first scientific expeditions were sent. With a minimum of equipment and with a limited amount of resources, they went to explore the new world. Their tasks: set up the command center of the colony, collect data about the planet, scout outsources of luxirite and establish continuous communication with Earth. But things don’t go as planned on the alien planet and the fate of the expedition finds itself under threat ...1. A unique combination of game genres.BTD combines the genres of a classic role-playing game with a third person view and real-time strategy game in an open universe. Control your character, take control of teams of robots to achieve scientific and economic superiority2. The sci-fi setting.The fantasy world is based on the probable development of current world technology, without the intervention of a supernatural alien influence on Earth's history. It is a sci-fi universe, which is based on human relationships.3. Survival, modifying landscapes and climates.All the alien worlds, where you have to travel to, have unique physical and natural features. Using the latest technology, modify the planet’s landscape and climate any way you’d like. Your success depends on your ability to adapt to the environment.4. Building.Create your own city, build factories and farms to start up a production supply, invite players to join you, seize new land. Your buildings will provide you with protection from the adverse effect of exposure to the environment and enemy aggression, the ability to build and repair equipment, mine and process resources, design and launch mass production, trade and much more. Make your city the center of the universe.5. Construction.Use well-known technology to create components of mechanisms and weapons modules from mined resources, and then from the resulting samples, design and assemble unique technology for various purposes to your own individual design.6. Assemble and control MRC robots.In order to achieve local objectives and colonize new planets, you have the help of MRC (Multi-functional Robotic Complex) robots, which are capable of working in any conditions, can bear loads beyond human capacity. You can program the robots, or take them under your direct control, as well as construct, assemble, improve, and modify them.7. Pets.In whatever galaxy you find yourself in, your spirits will be lifted by charming little creatures, who will travel with you to the edge of the world and defend you unhesitatingly. You don’t love cute little cats? Then, the robotic Unibots are perfect for you, though who are you kidding, everyone loves cats.8. An exciting storyline campaign.Try your luck as a conqueror of distant stellar worlds. Rise through the ranks from candidate in a team of space settlers to the head of a powerful intergalactic alliance. Set your own rules and lead in your own policies in the seized territories9. The multi-faceted development system.The game’s character’s development system is based on a classless skills system which does not presuppose levels or other statistics parameters. The game world offers equality from the outset and intuitive character development by way of completing certain actions, and avoids the need for independent management of your character and lengthy study of the parameters. You simply do what you like doing and your character learns alongside you. Alongside developing your character, you need to remember to upgrade the MRC robots, weapons and equipment that help you to survive in the harsh conditions on new worlds.10. Adventures with friends.Mysterious alien worlds are fraught with great danger. But if you’ve got true friends by your side, any danger can be overcome! Developing planets together, constructing common bases, launching trade unions, team competitions with valuable prizes, epic battles, dangerous challenges and other exciting adventures await all players of BEYOND THE DESTINY!Join us on Twitter, Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram, follow our news and you can be the first to set foot on an unexplored planet very soon.•Twitter -•Facebook -•Vkontakte -•Instagram -•Site -, the BTD Team.Команда инди-разработчиков с радостью представляет вашему вниманию новый MMO-шутер в сеттинге Sci-Fi на движке Unity3D. Beyond the Destiny - новая многопользовательская онлайн-игра в научно-фантастическом сеттинге, с открытой игровой вселенной, сочетающая в себе жанры классической ролевой игры, стратегии в реальном времени и шутера от третьего лица. Следите за новостями. b4d347fde0 Title: Beyond The DestinyGenre: Action, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Early AccessDeveloper:BTD TeamPublisher:BTD TeamRelease Date: 11 Apr, 2016 Beyond The Destiny Download For Mobile My Experience think when the game is going in a good direction it is a early access, that being said there are some things that need to be improved and I'm not gonna beat a dead horse, would I suggest it? only if you want to support the developers. As far as buying it to have fun with no hassles I wouldnt. Sorry guys I really do appreciate the work thus far but the casual gamer would not forgive the glitches as of now. Walking through walls, character disappears from screen, on screen characters popping outta nowhere, lack of indicators (but I did find that eventually.) 5/5 for the casual gamer (hoping that the developers keep working and releasing updates)7/10 for me just becauseP.s. To the developers feel free to reach me at if you need someone to go through how to videos, in case you dont have the time..... It's ok for an early release but really needs more in-game help that shows you where your supposed to go. Pressing Q doesn't do anything.. A map would certainly help.. I travelled to some other place and couldn't get back to continue my quest.. the pilot just disappeared and now I'm stuck in some other stupid place with nothing to do. I don't have a weapon so can't venture out from the base. As the game stands now I just can't recommend it until these issues are fixed.. especially the quest guidance feature which shows you some idea where to go. Another must have feature is to have key customization which is not implemented in the game yet. These are vital features which should already be included in a game even before an early access release. I'm glad I only paid a few dollars for this as it certainly isn't worth anything more in it's present state. Now just waiting for some updates/patches to come out.. So I played this for awhile and spent lots of time just wondering as there is no ingame tutorial at all. People you need to talk to have no indicator. Once I finally did find where to go I went and got a gun. That alone seems like it could be cool the weapon customization but then I got into combat and it was awful haha. I blame a lot of the issues I had on the idea that they went to steam to fast. Maybe in due time things will improve, at the moment I do not recommend this unless you want to help support the developers. I purchased a while back, hoping to support the developers and see a game with potential come to fruition.Unfortunately it appears that this game has been abandoned. I cannot recommend that anyone else throw their money away on this at all.Another case of Early Access becoming an Early Grave for a game and your money.. abandonware. -DO NOT BUY UNLESS YOU WANT TO SUPPORT THE DEVELOPMENT-WARNING: THIS GAME IS EARLY ACCESS ALPHA. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE IT UNLESS YOU WANT TO ACTIVELY SUPPORT DEVELOPMENT OF THE GAME AND ARE PREPARED TO HANDLE WITH SERIOUS ISSUES AND POSSIBLE INTERRUPTIONS OF GAME FUNCTIONING.*** Good and Bad things in game so far ***+Nice graphics+Not many laggs +Some Quests+Not so PVP everywhere , for who cried about it :) alot of PvE here .+Dev team responding on steam comunity -Lack of quests-Lack of tutorials-Cant modify the keybinds-Crapy and laggy weapon handling-Took me 3 hours to fully complete the game ( early access , all quests ) and i have nothing more to do exept waiting for new content to be added .From all this that i have expirienced at this stage , i will fully reccomend this game , it has alot of potential . overall 8/10 .. WARNING DEV ABANDONED GAME.This game from everything I could see was purely a cash grab and run. It seriously must have been only a week or two after release before it was abandoned.Seriously Valve needs to do something about these sort of cases. Valve refused a refund based on the fact I played 2 hours of a severly broken game. This game was not alpha it was pre-alpha and woeful.Don't believe da hype.
Shelly Martin