Beyond Legends
Published a year ago
In development
Beyond Legends takes arena combat to the next level. giving the player the ability to customize their character and abilities based on the weapons they choose to wield. Every enemy is unique and has their own abilities and attacks. Making every fight a tactical choice. Slash, incinerate, or rain arrows down upon your foes with 30+ Weapons to choose from that each have different attacks. Beyond Legends is heavily combat focused, with an emphasis on skill, allowing the player to Dodge, Evade, Block, and execute perfect timing. If you're not the type to fight your own battles though, you can Champion An Ally to fight for you!
Beyond Legend is a mobile game currently built for Android devices. The main focus of the game is the arena combat system, allowing players to easily play a few rounds of combat without having to invest too much time into the game. With the addition of allies, you can simply watch a battle if you would prefer! Currently adding a Campaign mode which will feature 10+ unique campaign levels that are more of an Action Adventure style than Arena Style.
Robin Trantham
Game Developer & Software Engineer - Programmer
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