Beyond Blue Skies
Published 8 months ago
In development
Beyond Blue Skies is a shoot 'em up, based around the adventures of Captain Ace Killian, designed for Android. The player progresses through a series of levels, collecting fragments of technology they can use to upgrade their weapons. Content is delivered in chapters, which are split up into episodes, with each episode being a level of the game. The game is meant to evoke a nostalgic sense of the science fiction radio shows of the early 20th century, in a comedic tone that pokes fun at the tropes of the time (a hyper-masculine protagonist, a villian with an overly complicated plan, and the ever-present damsel in distress).

This game is a challenge to myself to complete a game in three months. One system I'm particularly proud of is my way of handling assetbundles, and dynamic loading/unloading of content, so that further content can be delivered after release. Other features include Google Play API integration and saved game functionality. This game uses the editor as a level editor, with all level information stored in an object which is loaded at play-time to create the level. Several editor extensions help with this functionality.

Dameon Laird
.NET Developer - Programmer
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