Better Than Thief
Published 3 years ago
In development
Mac; Windows; Android; iOS
Steal from a thief
Frankly speaking, idea of the game was already developed, we just decided to give it a new look and build for android. As in original version your main aim is to collect stuff in a house for a given amount of time or you meet your Neighbor. The list of items is always randomly generated AAAAND their placement in rooms also always different. So that the game always will be challenging .

In case if your Neighbor arrive you have a possibility to hide and trick the Neighbor so that for him everything will seem to be okay and then he will leave. However, if he find you, you better run around the house and try to hide. He will be just patrolling area all the time and won’t leave.

Also, personally (Me, Amrulla, I am programmer 🙂 ) I want to add to the gameplay use of microphone, which will improve game experience. In fact, when you hide, you better keep silent in real life, otherwise you say “Hello Neighbor” 😀

The most important thing that we will add is multiplayer – this is something, which will make game more fun. I will tell more about it in future.
Indie Game Dev - Executive
Game Languages
Russian; English
Supported Platforms
Mac; Windows; Android; iOS