Better Reading Experience For The Best Book
This is a work in progress project developed for a better reading experience for the Holy book "Quran".
The idea came to me as to bring the natural reading experience in the real word specially between trees and dynamic weather,..... and bring it to mobile devices, i have found unity easy to use and learn but requires some time and try and error but not difficult, the asset store helped me a lot, and i think that is one of Unity's best features.
This is the first serious project i have worked on on Unity engine, it was a great experience and i learned a lot, and i hope for releasing more awesome projects later on.
the development for this app took me about 4 month (7 hours a day), from the design of the Quran in Maya LT (never used 3d graphics tools before) to the website (work in progress to be revealed soon).
The first version of the app is in its final stages and i hope to release it soon, for those who are interested in any other details or ideas please contact me.
i hope to see more uses of game engines for non games, because in my opinion the power of this engine should be used to enlighten other useful usages of mobile devices and not making games and somehow wasting our precious time.

Unity,iOS Developer. - Programmer