Beta Test
Language: C# Westwood College Game Jam 2012 3 days Unity3D Play Now (Old Unity Webplayer): Contribution Mesh Creator: - Created the Mouse draw so that the player can draw with the mouse - Create the mesh after the user draws Player's movement: - Change the Unity3D script of the players controller so that the player doesn't jump sideways Stage Hazards: - Implemented spikes so that it can be stationary or it's a falling type User Interface: - Show on the screen the numbers of enemies killed, and the time - Created a menu system to navigate though out the game Thoughts What went well? I'm glad that we manage to finish this game. We also learned a few new things from unity. We didn't know how to draw on the screen and create a new mesh at the time. What didn’t went well? We increased the difficulty of the game at the last minute. During presentation we ended up having trouble trying to finish the game without a gameover.
David To
Software Engineer - Programmer