Best Wildlife Sanctuary in India - Kanha Kisli
Published 6 months ago
Call of the wild - Kanha National Park Madhya Pradesh
Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh is one of the India's Tiger Lands and also is on the world tourism map. The park, largest in central India, is well developed by Forest Department and also Tourism Department. But, the question is- how is this development affecting tigers?
Kanha National Park is around 175KM from Jabalpur. I took a bus to Mandla and then another bus to Khatia which takes you to the National Park gate near Kisli. There are many options for accommodation.
I took a room at Forest Rest House which was cheapest option available. Rs. 400 per night for a spacious, clean double room with LCD TV and a heater, large clean toilet with hot water! The kitchen served simple and tasty meal for Rs. 80 and I feel that this is one of the best hotels in Kanha as well as in affordable price.
Hotel owner Kanha Tiger Inn Resort also book your Kanha National Park Online Booking For tourist. I love this hotel as well as the atmosphere of Kanha National Park in summer specially.
I saw the tiger just few meters away... sleeping royally. After hearing continuous clicking he gave me a look. After staring at me for few seconds he realised I was harmless human and got back to the lazy mood.
Tough popular for having significant number of Royal Bengal tigers the place is bustling with other wildlife too. It is only home of Hard Ground Barasinga (swamp deer introduced to hard ground). Leopards, sloth bears, deers, antelopes and Indian wild dogs roam freely though elusive. Plenty of birds and bamboo bushes also can be seen.
Indian Gaur is seen in herds. Nilgai were seen in pairs. Sambar families were startled to hear the slow moving Gipsy. As always I saw many spotted deers. The males were adorn with full grown antlers.
I took jeep safari, one in the evening and one in early morning. For a solo visitor these trips prove to be very expensive. The entrance fees to the park in the evening (for smaller round) is Rs. 1200 plus the Gipsy rental is Rs. 800. For morning rounds forest entrance fee is Rs. 2200 plus the gipsy rental is Rs. 1800. Is a sight of lazy Royal Bengal worth it? My answer is, by all means YES! I took shared rides, since the prices are high you will find couples and small families or other backpackers to share. I paid only Rs. 1,600 for both safaris :)
Micky Rodman
Mrs - Owner