Beowulf Review Game
Educational game for the classroom
This (PC/Windows compatible) video game lets students review the Seamus Heaney unabridged translation of Beowulf while battling the monsters in the poem. In teams students try to collect valor to aid them in their battles. The game was designed with SmartBoard and Promethean use in mind but can also be played from the classroom PC and projector. I constructed this game so teachers can use it multiple times during the course of reading the poem and adapt it to their classroom needs. Teachers can select which aspect of the poem to include in the game (lines 1-835, lines 836-2200, lines 2201-3182 or the whole poem) as well as the number of teams (1-6). Try the free demo version of this product to check compatibility with your school’s computer. Students will want to venture back to Daneland and review the poem many times with this product.
Alan Brich
Instructor - Educator