Being One - Episode 6
Being One 6 continues the series in a new and exciting way - Now in full 3D it's still an escape game at heart, it's still a point and click adventure you just have much more freedom to explore.
I call it an FPEG - A First Person Escape Game as it still contains the puzzle elements of old school escape games with a more modern FPS interface (That said I will be doing some old school point & click adventures soon as well)
Future episodes will continue to expand the story and I will be building upon this engine I have created to bring you immersive, unique and terrifying experiences. This is just the beginning!
I am a one man developer and I create all the 2D Art, 3D models, Level Design, Animations, Textures, UI, Music, Sound FX & Code!!
If you're interested in working with me in some form, please get in touch via my website:-
Simon Bennett - Psionic
2D 3D Designer - Coder - Musician - Artist