Behold! Update 8 Download
Published a month ago

Behold! Update 8 Download

About This GameBehold is a 2D twin-stick shooter in a dark fantasy setting! Barbarians, insane wizards, total despair and bloody pieces.You are playing as a monster who is stuck between two armies. Two kingdoms have been fighting for a hundred years and all means are good to win.A powerful wizard summoned an aberration, but his concentration was broken accidentally.What will happen next?Your monster can hit enemies with different deadly rays, smash them and eat them in one piece. But he has to fight with soldiers, noble knights, brutal barons, elemental mages, necromancers, clerics and enslaved giant creatures.You have todestroy waves of enemies,choose perks,pick power-upsand survive as long as possible! b4d347fde0 Title: Behold!Genre: Action, IndieDeveloper:Toster12D3Publisher:Toster12D3Release Date: 26 Oct, 2016 Behold! Update 8 Download Thoroughly enjoying this game, quick and to the point fun. If you want to play something new & a bit challenging, over and over, and over, this is a perfect use of that time. For just under $2 US you really can't beat it - I've paid a lot more for a game that's been a lot less fun.. Right now, sadly, I can't recommend this game. As others have noted, there appear to be some control issues that are only affecting certain people/systems:-My mouse (Razer Naga with fully up-to-date Synapse software) won't move the targetting recticle. This immediately makes mouse + keyboard play impossible. I've tried it with my Xbox pad unplugged just to be sure, but it still doesn't work. And speaking of the gamepad...The right stick DOES move the recticle, joy! But you have to hold it in a direction to aim, otherwise it snaps back to being on top of you. This wouldn't be a problem, except the game is hard-coded to use A and B to fire the two beams. I don't know about you, but it really doesn't feel right to me to have to hover my right hand over the pad with my thumb on the stick and a finger on each of those two buttons. In fact it chuffing hurts after a while.This would be easily remedied by allowing the user to rebind the controls, but alas, such is not possible. And the M+K issue would still need resolving anyway, as there's no need for this to be gamepad-only. Plus, you can't navigate the menus properly with the gamepad, so right now it's stuck in a messy no-man's-land where I need both inputs to achieve something but can't practically do anything.Also, I have two screens, and the game insists on starting on the wrong one, with no way to move it as it immediately goes fullscreen. It's not the biggest issue in the world, but I've not had that issue with any other game I can recall. One problem I have had with other games, which is also present here, is the mouse not being locked to the game area. Not helpful in a fast-action game like this to have it suddenly switch to the desktop because things have gotten a bit frantic... (though it does at least seem to pause when it loses focus).So, to the dev, please address the following: Get the mouse to move the recticle reliably, for everyone; Allow users to remap the controls, or as an absolute minimum, move the fire controls to the Xbox pad triggers; Clean up the gamepad input so you can use it to navigate the menus properly; Either give the user some option for choosing which screen to run on, or make it start up in a window and add a full-screen toggle in the options; Lock the mouse to the game area for multi-monitor setups. I apologise to the dev if any of this sounds overly harsh (especially as the game seems to work fine for the majority of people, so there's something about certain setups that must be causing it...), but that's born of frustration; I can see there's a good game in here, it just needs saving from some issues. I'm not going to refund it, as I'm hoping that these problems will indeed be sorted, resulting in a fun short-burst time-killer with some interesting depth. I'll update this review if and when that occurs.. Bought the game and was going to stream it.After 15 minutes of screwing with my mouse, I was unable to get the retical to move. I was stuck shooting in one direction. Tried using a controller since it states it has full controller support, wouldn't accept inputs.There are no settings in-game you can change or modify relating to controls.Might be an interesting game, just not currenlty playable for me.Possibly check it out once some updates happen.. It's a fun, simple game with great music, you get your moneys worth.. This game is good cheap fun. You play as a beholder, a most fearsome D N D monster, summoned by a wizard to help one of two armies immersed in a never-ending struggle. The wizard must have done something wrong, because you slip your bonds and then the fun starts.The game is simple, survive as long as you can. It is a twin stick survival arena game. Fire, freeze, kinetic, curse and fear beams are your weapons. Oh, and you can eat people to replenish your health. Like I said, good cheap fun.. I've Seen Enough Hentai To Know Where This Is Going. The Basics:Nice pixel art, rocking music, funny sounds, satisfying death animations :)Xbox 360 controller works nicely.The game should run on any toaster of your choice.The Gameplay:You are a monster which breaks loose between two armies, your task is to survive by wiping out said armies.Waves of diverse enemies will be thrown against you ranging from several kinds of melee guys to archers to mages and (mini)bosses like giants, minotaurs etc.You will shoot 4 kinds of rays (picked randomly, 1-2 at a time) with different effects to kill stuff. Furthermore you can jump granting you invincibility while in mid-air and crushing enemies beneath you when you come down (has a cooldown). Finally you will eat enemies whom you touch replenishing your health by 10 each time (again beware the cooldown).Powerups lying on the ground shake things up from time to time, providing fire trails, insta kill explosions, extra health etc.Short breaks between stages allow you to choose one of 4 random perks like a freeze explosion on jump landing or more health per 'meal'.The Modes:Story mode has 4 levels, every level consists of several stages with a set pattern of waves which will loop upon completion. Level 1 includes a tutorial. Survive as long as you can to challenge the highscores.Arcade mode has random waves and no scoring (kinda counterintuitive). Just kill stuff and relax ;) The Verdict:I'm having fun with this. Rocking music, death, blood and destruction all over the place and tactical, score based gameplay to accompany. You need to learn to manage the cooldowns on your jump and nom abilities and take advantage of the different kind of rays.The price is just right to recommend it to anyone looking for some juicy arcade action.. Honestly this is a very simple game. But simplicity does not equal boring.The game is basiclly a fun little twin stick shooter with chaotic and metal feeling to it's gameplay. It's not complicated and it's not hard to understand. It's just simple fun. The game is incredibly cheap, so thats all i could ask for <3
Johnte Kwon