Beginers tale
Published a year ago
The Beginning
Six days ago I stumbled upon this competition. Never worked in Unity and never programmed in C# I knew this wont be an easy task. Knowing about Unity's capabilities I wanted to make a project that will show what complete newcomer can accomplish in only six days. I focused on three main things; understanding C#, figuring Unitys UI and drawing sprites. (Audio design was scraped right from the start).
Before we start with a development timeline I would like to thank Unity community. Whatever question you can think of there's a tutorial or a blog post will be waiting for you with an answer that is well explained.


I started my development with basics (Player movement, camera movement, collision, health stat). After that I started experimenting. I tried making a jump component. I managed to make it decent but not presentable in four hours that I put aside for experimenting (Jump mechanic was scraped in the end). After learning about vectors I started messing with materials, normal maps and lights. First version of the dungeon had material on a tileset (Legacy Shaders -> Transparent -> Bumped Specular) with one texture as Base and other as a Normalmap. With that I could hide secret messages in the tileset textures and reveal it with torch/ light. (That idea also didn't make it in the end). Now Ideas that made it to the final version and that are worth mentioning. System for picking items (torch, key...and that's it) was a bit tricky at the beginning just because of C#. Next I was messing with the Pixel Perfect camera settings and made a little intro sequence.
This mechanic is interesting from game design perspective (shows you basic layout of the level without showing you too much) and visually is better than just a regular zoom in. Also implementation is pretty basic (timer is adding deltaTime and we are adding int to PPC's Pixels Per Unit).
Then I returned to fire (I think it was monkey DNA in me) and torch and made bombs. Bombs need to be lit on fire with torch to explode. They can reveal secret paths (also didn't make it into the final version), drop items and hurt player. Also when destroyed particles with Start lifetime set to Infinity are created so they imitate broken bomb pots.
After that I added idle worms that patrol around (their movement is linked to the progress of their animation) and basic particles just to get a bit more movement in the static environment and that's it, I think.