Been a while
Published a year ago
Wow it’s been a while since I have posted about the things I have been working on, and that’s because I graduated from college.
So where have I been and what have I been working on you maybe asking yourself?
To answer that after graduating I took a four month internship at a company called Enable Education. Working on a never before been done project, a first for the company where I was the only developer working on the project. Which was to create a 3D interactive philosophy game for children, where you take on the role of Sophia or her sidekick robot Phil. This project was designed and created as a better more engaging way to teach children philosophy. This game came to be called Wiseland. At the end of the four months I was offered a permanent full time position.
Being the only developer on Wiseland , I had to constantly wear many hats taking the roles of lead programmer, level and game designer, modeler, UI …etc I was way outside my comfort zone wearing so many hats but after a few weeks I embraced all of them and in the process I have a better understanding of how everything works and deeper respect for level designers, game designers, artist/modelers, and project managers.
Dakota McCutcheon
Game Programmer - Programmer