BeeMaths Super Ride
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Hi everyone, thanks for coming to my page! ,this is a simple math based game specially designed for kids. Addition, subtraction ,multiplication ,division and some special questions will come on levels. Complexity will increase as it goes to higher level.
I am basically an artist/programmer , trying to make games in Unity after work hours for fun.I don't have team,I am doing this things alone.Sound files for my game I used to get from internet free sound sources.
I have started this game very long back ,actually basic game play did for a test in a company.When I saw unity2d challenge I thought I can modify this for this challenge.I have struggled (and still struggling) with game design concepts, art, animation ad coding for this game.I had gone back and forth many times with developing this game in Unity.First I made infinite run type later moved to a level based game.Initial animations I have done with sprite sequences.Later moved to Anima2d .
Even though it actually started without a proper game design doc or story ,I gave a simple story for this game too.
The story goes like this...
A little bee ,she lost her way to home .She has to pass through a forest in order to reach her home.But the forest is a special one.There are lot of dangers in that forest.Only those who know mathematics can survive in this forest.So the game is about her struggle to reach home by becoming an expert in mathematics.

If you know simple addition ,subtraction , multiplication and division then the game is for you.The basic game is designed for mobile.In this player can select a bee(Just like an Avatar) and answer the simple mathematical questions.The questions will fall from top on a leaf(Will add additional methods in future version ) there is a number panel in the bottom of the game board.The player need to select the appropriate answer .If the answer is correct he can collect fruits(GOLD) ,else he will loose some health.Health Bar showed as a diagram of a bee itself.
As of now Three types of level types are designed.
  1. target based :need to achieve the target to clear the level
  2. distance based :need to cover the distance to clear the level
  3. time based :need to finish the target in a defined time
  4. special questions(future release)
No of levels can be extended to any ,because it is designed like that.The basic level type with varying complexity will repeats.
In app purchase and achievements still in working progress..

All the characters in this game are my original concept works.I have created 5 characters basically .Five different bees, hope kids will like this.Tried to keep them in different ages.The names that I have given for them is my kid's name and few of my other kid's name in my family.Future version I will add few more characters with funny animations.
Game is a 2d side scroller .I used parallax effects for the background.The background art ,in fact entire game art inspired by The game Ubisoft - Rayman Legends .
Backgrounds and characters I have done in a rough concept art style.I know all these stuff require more polish.Entire game is in fact an experiment without proper GDD and I still trying to add more features.So animations ,artworks ,game functionalities lacks so many things that I know.Now My main intention is to create better game experience.
Animations And FX
Figuring out how to do animation ,I went through many plugins and finally used sprite sequences. Before Unity came out with the 2D animation preview package, I was drawing and manipulating each frame of my sprite, arranging it into a sprite sheet, then importing it into unity to slice it up and create an animation. If something looked off, I had to go all the way back to the start of my workflow, fix the frame that I didn't like, then reimport it and slice it up again in Unity.
When I saw Anima 2d workflow I understood this is the best tool for a lazy person like me to get the necessary animations for a this game.And after that I rigged all the characters using anima2d bones.It was very fast finished all animations in a single day .

Additional credits
Fungus and Anima2D helped me in this game development process a lot for narration and animations.Most of the work I have done with photoshop and for effects sprite sequence used after effects.

Gameplay and making can watch from below link:

Thanks for reading, the game is still in development but it is playable as a whole game.Need lots of tweaking here and there and I am in the process of doing that.

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