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Becoming a Unity Verified Expert will ensure you are notified of all relevant requests that come into the Unity Live Help platform that match your skills.

Becoming verified is optional but provides the following benefits:
  1. Priority access to all submitted requests before non-verified experts.
  2. A Unity Verified Expert badge displayed on your expert profile.
  3. An early sneak peek of new tools and features on the platform.

What are the criteria to be a Unity Verified Expert?

100% Unity Connect profile completion

Your Unity Connect profile should be completely filled out including full name, about me, profile photo, skill tags, and work history.

You can create your profile here.

3 years of Unity experience

You will need to have at a minimum 3 years of Unity experience listed in your “About Me” section on your profile. Make sure to provide information on your role and responsibilities at each company.

Unity Certification

Unity Verified Experts must have completed a valid Unity Certification test. The minimum requirement for certifications include Unity Certified Programmer and Unity Certified 3D Artist. We provide a limited number of free certification vouchers for qualified applicants. Reach out to if you are interested.
To get certified visit the following URL:

Add at least 2 professional projects OR have a Unity Answers reputation above 400 OR be a Unity Connect contest winner OR have a StackOverflow reputation above 2000

At least two projects must be showcased on your Unity Connect profile which you have contributed to.

To post a project simply click “Post a Project” while logged into your profile and post an Article, Showcase, or Game.

If for some reason you are unable to add projects to your profile, having a Unity Answers reputation above 400 OR being a Unity Connect contest winner OR having a StackOverflow reputation above 2000 will also satisfy this criteria.
Maintaining your status as a Unity Verified Expert
In order to maintain your Unity Verified Expert status you will need to maintain a session rating of 4.9 stars and above after 2 months. We’ll be conducting monthly audits to review the performance of Unity Verified Experts.
That’s it! We’ll follow up with you with within two business days about your application. If you have any questions please reach out to

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